Senin, 14 November 2016

Mencari Pantun Yang Gokil

Mencari Pantun Yang Gokil - Arriving in front of the classroom door, Rani knocked on the classroom door slowly with the goal of teaching the teacher who was not surprised and even told him to stand outside the classroom. Excuse me," says Rani as she knocked on the classroom door. Just go!" Yelled someone from the inside.

After Rani opened the door. How happy Rani, look at the teacher's desk vacant teacher sign yet entered. But who answered greetings Rani now? He was Beno, Si troublemaker in class. Late lu? Equally rich dong gue. The Artisan Hurricane "says Beno to Rani, as if he was proud of the title of the artisan noisier.
"Once this doang, Ben. If lu the almost daily "answered lightly Rani and was greeted with laughter classmates.

Finally," Breathe relieved Rani, and now he was sitting in kurisnya. However, it does not necessarily make the problem Rani, everything is lost. There is another problem that mebuat he up to now stripped and restless. Yes, Kak Edo, Rani still wondered why Kak Edo ask about the class, and he already knows the name of Rani. He kept kepikiran this, so without realizing he was daydreaming and suddenly.

Hey!" Cried Amel in the face Rani, which makes it awoke from his reverie. ot you, Mel? Ngagetin I wrote. Besides already come late. Uh, now vacant. There apa'an anyway? Kepo dong. "Tanya Amel to That was fitting want to go to class, I accidentally bumped into Kak Edo. Kak Edo had asked my class and I'm afraid there will be additional penalties.